When we first started reselling, we did a lot of research including watching YouTube videos of other resellers. We wanted to learn everything we could about reselling, so this seemed like a good way. The one thing we did notice was some differences in Goodwill bins (clearance centers) around the country. So, whenever we are traveling and there is a clearance center near, we always check it out. So, I thought I’d tell you about our experiences and the differences between them.

Clearance Center Basics

If you aren’t familiar with Goodwill Clearance Centers, here is a quick overview of what they are. First, you should know most people refer to them as Goodwill bins. This is because most merchandise is either put in a big bin or piled on a long table that you have to sort through to find things on the bottom. Most items for sale at bins are charged by the pound and every bin has different prices. Some items such as books may be at a price such as 5 for $1. No bin store that we have been to is set up the same but all of them have the same idea of digging through a lot of stuff to try and find something you want. Before you go make sure you research what their prices are and the hours they are open as these to vary. They all change out the bins at various intervals throughout the day.

Heidelberg, PA

This is the first clearance center we ever visited. It was close to where we used to live in Pennsylvania, so it was a no brainer to check it out. It is what I would call a medium sized store. Not only do they have bin (tables) with merchandise, but they have shelving on one wall with household fragile items, big dump bins with books and a small space for some furniture. They didn’t seem to have a regular schedule for changing bins, but they did do it quite a few times a day. There are quite a few regular resellers here and they are pretty territorial when a new bin comes out. So, find a spot and just stick to your place. It seems that within the first hour of opening, they change out most of the bins, so if you go early, you may only be finding things no one really wanted from the previous day. That doesn’t mean don’t look because you may find something that you really like. Make sure you stay for at least the first change out, if for no other reason, just to get a feel for what a new bin looks like. If interested in checking out this clearance center, the address is 1905 Washington St. Heidelberg, PA 15106. Hours are M-Th 10-7 F-Sun 10-8. To see more about this store click here:

Morgantown, WV

Another bin center close to us when we lived in Pennsylvania. This clearance center is a bigger store space wise, but they don’t normally have furniture here. They do have some shelving for the fragile items, such as dishes. The bins are rotated hourly, but they only do about 6 or 8 bins at a time. The tables, or bins as they are called, seem a little deeper here, so they hold more product. The atmosphere here is much calmer than other bins, even though there are a fair number of resellers here. This is probably the reason this was one of my favorite bins to go to. But we also seemed to find a lot here to resell. The address is: 6540 Mall Rd. Morgantown, WV 26501. Their hours are M-Sat 9-7 and Sunday 11-7. You can see more about this bins store here:

Clarksville, IN

This is another of our favorite bins. This also is a pretty big store and has a lot of bins. There are both table bins and the big boxes with product in them. They change out their bins every hour and seem to do almost all of them. What I like about this store is that bins are sorted by category. The shoes are all together, the electronics, household items and miscellaneous are together and clothes are together. We shop for anything we can find that we think we can sell, but it helps even us because I’ll look at clothes and Greg will check everything else. If you only resell shoes say, then this really saves some time. Again, as at any bin outlet I believe, there are plenty of resellers here and they know the routine and where bins are located so they do have a little advantage. The customers and employees here were all really nice and helpful. We stop here every time we are in Indiana. We never go home empty handed. The address is 1212 Applegate Lane Clarksville, IN 47129. Hours are M-Sat 9-7 and Sunday 12-7. Click here to see our adventures at this location:

Oklahoma City, OK

We really liked this store, but unfortunately for us we didn’t have a lot of room in the car since we were traveling to buy very much. This store is laid out very differently than any other one we have ever been to. They have totes going around the perimeter on rollers and then have bin tables in the middle. It’s what I would call a medium size space, but they pack a lot in by using the totes. They also change out the bins hourly, but not every bin is done each hour. The totes are pushed around so that new ones come out a little more often than an hour. I don’t know if there is a schedule for that because anyone we asked didn’t seem to know. The address is 1320 W. Reno Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73106. Hours are M-Sat. 8-8 and Sunday 9-5. If you’re ever in the area, check it out. For more information about this store, click here:

Cincinnati, OH

On our way back from Indiana one time, we decided to stop at this bins store. It is a small space with the table bins. I found that a lot of the clothes were sports and college related. There wasn’t a lot of electronic or household items here either. I’m sure a lot had to do with the small space. I didn’t really notice many resellers here, but we went later in the afternoon, so they may go early here. We only found a couple things here that we thought we could sell. It was a little older building, and the atmosphere seemed a little depressing in our opinion. Everyone there was really nice, and I don’t want to give a bad impression, but it just wasn’t some place that we felt like we wanted to go back to. The address is 10596 Springfield Pike Cincinnati, OH 45215. Hours are M-Sat 10-6. They are closed on Sundays. To see more about our trip here, click:

Columbus, OH

This is another place we stop at whenever we are in the area. One of the things I like about it is that there is a regular Goodwill store right next to it so it’s a two in one stop. This store also has table bins, shelving for fragile household goods and some furniture. Like other clearance centers they do rotate their bins regularly and have their share of resellers. We usually end up here well after opening so I can’t say how crazy it is then, but when we were there, it was a really nice experience which is why we kept going back there. Even though the prices are a little high in the Goodwill store, as in most of them, they seemed to run some good sales so we could usually get some things at good prices. The address is: 2675 Brice Rd. Suite B Columbus, OH 43232. Hours are M-Sat. 9-9, Sunday 10-6. To see our shopping adventures here click here:

Dayton, OH

This was one of the first bins we went to not near us and we were pleasantly surprised. It is a large store with a crazy number of bins. One thing we hadn’t seen before was they had their books in bins and were much easier to go through. There were quite a few resellers there that we met, and they were all really nice and gave us information on other bins in the area. The one drawback is that the more popular or expensive items, such as video games or jewelry, are at the register and priced the same as at a Goodwill Store. They also change out bins regularly, but I’m not sure what the schedule is since we were only there for a little while. Overall, we did pretty good here. I don’t think you would be disappointed if you went here. The address is 1750 Woodman Dr. Dayton, OH 45420. Their hours are M-Sat 8-9, Sunday 11-6. If interested in see our video at this location, click here:

Las Vegas, NV

So, this is now our home location for bins shopping, and I have to say it’s a decent bins store. It is medium sized and has a lot of bins. There are a lot of resellers here and tend to stand where they can get to the new bins quickly, so if you want a chance at the new bins watch the regulars and try to get near them. When they change out the bins, they change an entire row at a time so you have to wait until this is done before you can start looking. They do have a small selection of furniture and big box bins for books. There’s nothing unique at this store, but it’s definitely a good source for resellers in the Las Vegas area. The address is 7940 S. Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89139. The hours here are M- Sun 8-4. You can see our video from this bin location here:


As you can tell every Goodwill Clearance Store has their own ways of doing things, such as hours, type of bins, if they have furniture, etc. but do all have discounted prices usually per pound. I think that a lot depends on when you go. A lot of resellers think it’s good to go first thing in the morning and catch all the new bins coming out, others go at certain times when they know when new bins will be brought out and others go when they can. I also think on any given day you may find really great product or a terrible selection. The same goes for the people and experience. I’ve been to a few of the bins mentioned on numerous occasions and mostly have had a good experience, but every once in a while, you get the not so nice, inconsiderate people. So, my advice, try somewhere more than once because every time you go will be different. If you’re not sure where you can find a bins store near you, find it here. I hope this has been helpful to you and helps with your reselling journey. here is one of our videos of the las vagas bin

By Greg and Peggy

We are two people who love to go thrifting and then resell to people at great prices! We hope our blogs and videos help you to start or improve your reselling business!

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