As we continue to try and improve our sales and our way of running our business, we find more and more things that will help us. You’ll find that by continuing to do research you will find not only new ways of doing things, but items that will help make running your business easier.

Clothes and shoes

One of the first things I did to help for clothes and shoes was to find printable size charts and print copies to use. This really helps when you get a piece of clothing that doesn’t have a size tag. People will still buy it as long as you list the correct size and show measurements in your pictures. Shoe charts are great when listing the item, because they will give you the comparable sizes for other countries. Two other things I use a lot are names of patterns (ex. chevron) and color names. Sometimes you’re trying to figure out what best describes the color of an item and red just doesn’t do it justice, so you can look on the chart and see what fits it best, maybe ruby. You get my point, sometimes colors are just more vibrant than the basic color. You can also find things like neckline names, dress shapes, etc. The more information you give when describing your listed items, the better.


When taking photos for your listing, take as many as you can of the item. As I’ve said before, people like to see measurements. When I was starting out, I looked at other listings and saw all types of ways people measured things from wooden yardsticks to using another item for reference. We found that the fabric tape measure works the best. It is easier to maneuver where you need it. Make sure you show any flaws and try to show from every angle possible. Just think of yourself as the customer and what you would want to know about the product.


When you are out shopping for items to resell, make sure you use your eBay app and check to see if the item you’re looking at has sales. You can do this by searching item, filter, click on sold item and it will show you similar items that have sold and what price they sold for. This can really help if the item isn’t selling for a lot. Consider what your profit will be from this item before you buy it.

If you are selling home decor items and find something that is vintage or a collectable, make sure you do as much research as possible before you list it. Knowing who made it, when it was made, etc. goes a long way for people who collect. It also helps bring a higher price for the item. This goes for anything that is vintage.

Getting the product sellable

Before you list any item make sure it looks it’s best. If it’s clothing, try to get out any stains or if possible, fix any problems, like a missing button. Make sure shoes are clean. Magic erasers work great on white soles and sides of shoes to help them look bright. If you’re selling electronics, make sure they work, if possible, if you can’t say so in your description. Always call out anything that is something that people would want to know. If you have a shirt that has a small hole in the armpit, just call it out and adjust pricing accordingly. Being upfront about problems with an item will help bring people back to your shop, because they trust you.


The last two things I want to tell you are concerning offers. First, check your app daily to see if you can send offers to anyone. Go to my eBay, selling, and in tasks it will show if you have any offers to send. We have sold quite a few items by offering a dollar less. You have to make the offer at least 5% off, but the app will let you know if your offer is not enough. The other thing is allowing offers when you list your item. We always do this. Sometimes the offer may just be a dollar less or a price you’re willing to settle for. Especially if you’ve had an item for a while, it might be better to accept an offer than to let the item sit. It’s something to consider.

I hope this helps with your journey of reselling, if you want to see some videos of our reselling experience click here:

By Greg and Peggy

We are two people who love to go thrifting and then resell to people at great prices! We hope our blogs and videos help you to start or improve your reselling business!

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